04 June 2023
Book Release & Exhibition

Apologies for the radio silence here on the website of late. Those who follow me on my various social media apps will know I post daily, yet I have failed to utilise this website as a valuable 'connection tool.' A failing on my part, I admit, but one I intend to rectifiy as of now.


As you can see from the 'Home' page, work has been rather hectic over the past six months. I have a new book, The Life of a Medical Officer in World War One, due for imminent release via Pen and Sword. My second book with said publisher. Not my usual subject matter, even though I have published work on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and their invaluable work recording burial remains and setting up cemeteries after WW1. This book twas a joy to research and write, and does have un unusual back-story. At the beginning of the year I was also contacted by Orkney Museums confirming that they would like to proceed with my Symbols of Mortality exhibition this Autumn. This exhibition also has an interesting back-story, having been cancelled twice due to Uncle Covid. But as you can imagine, I was delighted to receive said call, even though I knew the colossal amount of work involved. I will elaborate further on each back-story on the new 'Blog' feature in due course (see Menu).


Talking of new features, I  will be publishing a FREE monthly newsletter this coming July, full of my latest news and events, as well as other archaeological/historical discoveries and news. Said newsletter is only available via subscription. To subscribe, please visit  the 'Newsletter' feature (see Menu).


Over the next few weeks I have a number of promotional podcast/radio/magazine interviews booked in the diary. I will upload full details of their production release dates as and when I know. If you would like to book your own interview, via any outlet, then please feel free to drop me a line via the 'Contacts' page (see Menu) and I will get back to you ASAP.


So until next time..........

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